Menù Vip

Fish, 4 courses

The Libertine
Palette of raw fish: prawns with wasabi mayonnaise,
seabass carpaccio (thinly sliced cut) with lime and basil,
tuna tartare with guacamole and julienne of squid cooked in carbonara style

Persuasione and Lust— Carbonara dof prawns

Arte of Seduction — Almond brittle of amberjack with courgettes marinated “alla scapece”

Neither Love Nor Lovers — Earth of chocolate

(euro 80)


Meat, 5 courses

Four Season– Burratina with asparagus, crunchy bacon and grated egg yolk

Fa Maggiore — Pistacchio tagliolini “cacio e pepe” style

Sol Minore — Filet Mignon with wild sprouts

Allegro — Foie gras, aubergines and mangetout

Adagio — Coffee flavour granita of Sicily (Tahiti Extra Comet taste)

 with whipped cream and crispy puff

(euro 100)


Great Selection, 5 courses

The Explorer — Sea scallop and castraure artichoke

the journey — Monkfish soup with asparagus and ravioli with leek and ricotta

Along the Silk Road — Slices of beef with carletti in Amarone sauce

Bon Voyage — Roasted pigeon chest with apples, crumbs of nuts and foie gras,

rosemary grilled thigh and Fuji apple ice cream

Sayonara — Pistacchio, almond and sesame

(euro 120)